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4.3 New host

In this section you will learn how to set up a new host.

A host in Yoopl is a networked entity (physical, virtual) that you wish to monitor. The definition of what can be a “host” in Yoopl is quite flexible. It can be a physical server, a network switch, IoT or some application.

Adding host

Information about configured hosts in Yoopl is available in Configuration → Hosts.

Click on Settings to enter Settings senction. By defautl you can see a list of Yoopl hosts.

To add a new host, click on Add.

This will present us with a host configuration form.

The bare minimum to enter here is:

Code - enter a host code. Required. Alphanumerics and underscores are allowed. Min 4 Max 8

Name - enter a host name. Required. Alphanumerics, spaces, dots, dashes and underscores are allowed. Max 255

Address - enter a host address. Any characters are allowed .Max 255.

Freshness threshold - enter a host freshness threshold. Required. Integer value.

Number Of Transmitters - enter a host number Of transmitters. Required. Integer value.

Other options will suit us with their defaults for now.

When done, click Add. Your new host should be visible in the hostlist.