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Комплексні інструменти моніторингу автоматизованих систем

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Client Devices and Applications

Clients can be used to extend Yoopl' functionality or integrate Yoopl with other applications.

Clients are available for:

  • Managing the host config
  • Monitoring remote hosts (*NIX, Windows, etc.)
  • Submitting passive checks from remote hosts
  • Simplifying/extending the notification logic ...and much more

Clients transmit one or more check results or monitoring commands to Yoopl using send_nsca format.

The communication with the server is TLS encrypted and authenticated using pre-shared keys (as per RFC 4279). By default, client reads host or service check results from the standard input. Multiple check results must be separated with an ASCII ETB character (octal value: 27). Service check results are expected to be in the following format:


where host and service are the host name and service description as configured in Yoopl, status is the numeric return code, and message is the output string. Host check results are expected to be in the same format, just without the service description:


Note that multiline messages are supported.