Monitoring, Alerting and Notification

Yoopl offers complete monitoring, alerting and notification SaaS software that provides asset management for The Industrial Internet of Things.

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Connect and scale efficiency

Connect any asset that's important to you - with confidence - from embeded devices to robotics, across any platform or system

Easily scale from a few devices to a few million


Analyze and act on untapped data

Capture alarms and alerts from all your connected assets spread around the world. Spot issues before they become orepational problems

Take advantage of advanced analytics and mmachine leaning to increase reliability and uptime of your processes.Decrease costly outages and expensive repairs with prescriptive maintenance.

And, take simple actions instead of undestanding just the "what" and "why" behind a prediction.


Visualize what's important with dashboard

Use rich dashboards and reports tj show anything from high-level to the detils of an individual asset.
Customize visualization to have access to the metrics that matter to you, update in real time

Access data and reports from any device, anywhere; and publish reports to your organization.

Integrate with your business process

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